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How to avoid rancid olive oil

Some food bloggers are claiming that 50% of the olive oil sold in the USA is rancid and that Americans actually prefer rancid oil. While our testing shows otherwise, all oils do eventually go rancid. Learn how to avoid rancid olive oil and to detect rancid oils at home. 

Olive oil harvest date vs best by date

Many olive oil and food experts recommend that consumers check the back of the bottle for a harvest date. While it is a good idea to buy fresh olive oil, harvest date might not be the best criteria. Here's why.

Olive oil pour spouts

Every cooking show seems to feature a chef drizzling olive oil from a bottle with a pour spout. Olive oil pour spouts make it easy to control the flow of oil from the bottle and allow one handed access to your olive oil. But you may be surprised to hear that pour spouts on olive oil bottles may not be the best choice for olive oil bottles.  Read on for tips on choosing the best pour spouts for olive oil.

Olive Oil Storage Tips [video]