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How long does olive oil last?

Olive oil is a perishable product. Unlike wine, extra virgin olive oil does not get better with age. So how long does olive oil last?

The Facts About UC Davis Olive Center's Olive Oil Report

Many false stories are circulating around the internet about olive oil fraud citing a report prepared by the University of California Davis Olive Center. These stories often list some well-known olive oil brands and claim that the oils are adulterated. 

In fact, the UC Davis Olive Center report did not find any adulteration or cutting of olive oils with either seed, nut or vegetable oils. Attempts to use the report to spread stories of olive oil fraud are misleading. Read more below.

19 Olive Oil Brands Certified for Purity and Quality

We are pleased to release an updated list of NAOOA Certified Olive Oils for 2017.  The NAOOA Quality Seal Program tests for purity and quality and meet the standards set by the International Olive Council.

Olive Oil Purity v Quality

There are two types of olive oil fraud. Learn the difference between olive oil purity and olive oil quality and how to find a good olive oil.

21 Olive Oil Brands Certified for Authenticity

Need help selecting an olive oil? Check out this list of olive oils certified for both purity and quality by the North American Olive Oil Association. 

The not-so-secret organization that is testing America’s olive oil

Diane Rehm, on her radio show last week, asked her guest if there were “secret agents going into grocery stores and testing out what's in a bottle labeled extra virgin?”

Tasting Extra Virgin Olive Oils [video]

 Extra Virgin Olive Oils are like wine, offering a range of flavors that varies based on olive type, harvest time, growing region and other factors. The International Olive Council (IOC) in Madrid, Spain, certifies professional taste panels each year in order to help with grading – for example, to distinguish between extra virgin olive oil and virgin olive oil, or olive oil that needs to be refined. A professional panel must have at least eight to twelve tasters combine scores on various positive and negative attributes in order to minimize personal tastes and bias. These panels follow strict protocols regarding the tasting tools and environment and how many oils can be tasted in one session.

Senate Asks FDA to Test Olive Oil Sold in the USA

Last week, the Senate Appropriations Committee passed a version of an Agriculture Appropriations bill that contained the following language:

Olive Oil.—The Committee directs the FDA to take a sampling of off-the-shelf olive oil bottles offered for sale to consumers to determine if it is adulterated with seed oil, pursuant to Section 342 of the FDCA, and report to Congress within 270 days on its findings.

What Dr. Oz gets wrong about olive oil

On Thursday, May 12, 2016 Dr. Oz reported that "80% of extra virgin olive oil that you buy every day in your supermarket isn’t the real deal --it may be fake."

The biggest fraud in olive oil

The biggest fraud in olive oil today is leading consumers to believe it’s all "fake."  Some olive oil marketers are casting aspersions on all imported olive oil, leaving consumers bewildered and confused. Where do these claims of olive oil fraud come from?