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El Aceite de Oliva, Mitos y Realidades

We are translating some of our most popular blog posts into Spanish! If you would like to see a particular blog post translated, please let us know!

Hay muchos mitos sobre el aceite de oliva. Aprende más sobre como cocinar con aceite de oliva.

Top 10 Olive Oil Blog Posts of 2017

It's almost the end of the 2017. Thank you for reading our blog and following our social media posts.  Here are the top 10 posts from our blog.

Olive Oil and the Miracle of Hanukkah

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the eight-day Jewish festival of Hanukkah.  According to tradition, during the rededication of the Holy Temple (the Second Temple) in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean revolt,  a small quantity of oil used to light the Temple's menorah somehow miraculously burned for eight days.  Hanukkah commemorates this event.

Confused by the many olive oil options? We can help you sort them out.

The olive oil section of the supermarket can be a daunting place. There are often dozens of choices and lots of confusing terminology. How do you know what to pick? We are here to help you decide!

Glossary of olive oil terminology

What kind of olive oil should you buy? Cold-pressed, first pressed or unfiltered? Here is a list of terms you may see on a bottle of olive oil to help you choose. 

What color olives are used to make olive oil?

What color olives are used to make olive oil? The answer may surprise you.

What's the difference between virgin and extra virgin olive oil?

What makes an olive oil "extra-virgin" instead of "virgin"?

If you don't open the bottle, will olive oil stay fresh?

Like most products, olive oil has a best by date on the back. But will it stay fresh if you don’t open it?  

How Much Should Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cost?

What's the difference between a $30 bottle of olive oil and a $10 bottle of olive oil? Is the $30 bottle extra, extra virgin?  Is the more expensive olive oil objectively better?  Read on to learn more.

Olive Oil vs. Canola Oil

Both olive oil and canola oil contain a high percentage of monounsaturated fats (MUFAs).  Both oils are considered heart healthy, but are they both equally good for you? Lets compare the two oils.