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10 tips for reusing leftover frying oil

Olive oil is great for frying. Olive oil is naturally stable under heat and has a smoke point that is high enough for most types of cooking. Because it is more expensive than other cooking oils, many people ask us if it can be re-used after frying.

Dark Chocolate with Olive Oil: Heart-Healthy and Delicious

NBC medical contributor Dr. Natalie Azar spoke on TODAY to discuss the heart-healthy effects of extra-virgin olive oil. A new study shows that dark chocolate enriched with extra virgin olive oil is associated with an improved cardiovascular risk profile.

Confused by the many olive oil options? We can help you sort them out.

The olive oil section of the supermarket can be a daunting place. There are often dozens of choices and lots of confusing terminology. How do you know what to pick? We are here to help you decide!

Glossary of olive oil terminology

What kind of olive oil should you buy? Cold-pressed, first pressed or unfiltered? Here is a list of terms you may see on a bottle of olive oil to help you choose. 

Joseph R. Profaci Named Executive Director of the North American Olive Oil Association

Brings 25 years of experience as food products attorney and business manager

Dark Chocolate and EVOO Make the Perfect Healthy Combo

A new study by University of Pisa found that eating dark chocolate with extra virgin olive oil improves cardiovascular risk profile. 

What color olives are used to make olive oil?

What color olives are used to make olive oil? The answer may surprise you.

Can I use olive oil in my Instant Pot?

Is it safe to use olive oil in the Instant Pot when sautéing or pressure cooking?

The Facts About UC Davis Olive Center's Olive Oil Report

Many false stories are circulating around the internet about olive oil fraud citing a report prepared by the University of California Davis Olive Center. These stories often list some well-known olive oil brands and claim that the oils are adulterated. 

In fact, the UC Davis Olive Center report did not find any adulteration or cutting of olive oils with either seed, nut or vegetable oils. Attempts to use the report to spread stories of olive oil fraud are misleading. Read more below.

What's the difference between virgin and extra virgin olive oil?

What makes an olive oil "extra-virgin" instead of "virgin"?