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Can I use olive oil in my Instant Pot?

Is it safe to use olive oil in the Instant Pot when sautéing or pressure cooking?

The Facts About UC Davis Olive Center's Olive Oil Report

Many false stories are circulating around the internet about olive oil fraud citing a report prepared by the University of California Davis Olive Center. These stories often list some well-known olive oil brands and claim that the oils are adulterated. 

In fact, the UC Davis Olive Center report did not find any adulteration or cutting of olive oils with either seed, nut or vegetable oils. Attempts to use the report to spread stories of olive oil fraud are misleading. Read more below.

What's the difference between virgin and extra virgin olive oil?

What makes an olive oil "extra-virgin" instead of "virgin"?

If you don't open the bottle, will olive oil stay fresh?

Like most products, olive oil has a best by date on the back. But will it stay fresh if you don’t open it?