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Head Chef Olly Rouse, Guest Speaker at the Olive Oil Conference

Olly Rouse, Head Chef of Lainston House Hotel,  will be a guest speaker at the Olive Oil Conference in the Chicago area on July 20, 2016.  Olly Rouse is an accomplished chef who is famous for his innovative techniques and pushing boundaries.  He currently oversees all food offerings at Lainston House Hotel near Winchester, Hampshire.

How olive oil is made [video]

 Civilizations have been producing olive oil for thousands of years. In the most simple terms, olive oil is the consumable liquid extracted from crushed olives. Traditional methods of obtaining olive oil date back to ancient times and the process didn’t change very much until the 20 th century. Today, production technology is becoming more and more advanced, allowing suppliers to provide better quality olive oil than ever before.

Tasting Extra Virgin Olive Oils [video]

 Extra Virgin Olive Oils are like wine, offering a range of flavors that varies based on olive type, harvest time, growing region and other factors. The International Olive Council (IOC) in Madrid, Spain, certifies professional taste panels each year in order to help with grading – for example, to distinguish between extra virgin olive oil and virgin olive oil, or olive oil that needs to be refined. A professional panel must have at least eight to twelve tasters combine scores on various positive and negative attributes in order to minimize personal tastes and bias. These panels follow strict protocols regarding the tasting tools and environment and how many oils can be tasted in one session.

Does olive oil have to taste peppery?

You may have heard that true, authentic extra-virgin olive oil must be very peppery, bitter or will have a slight burn when you swallow it. Is this true? Not always.

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