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How much olive oil should you eat for heart health?

In 2004 the Food and Drug Administration approved a health claim petition submitted by the North American Olive Oil Association.  The FDA confirmed the relationship between the consumption of  olive oil and reduced risk of coronary heart disease. 

Is olive oil "paleo"?

Many people are turning to "paleo" diets. Is olive oil part of this food trend?  Is olive oil paleo? The answer is yes! Paleo diets focus on whole, unrefined foods.  Extra virgin olive oil is a whole food made by pressing olives. No heat or solvents are used in the making of extra virgin olive oil. 

Is non-virgin olive oil also good for your heart?

It is common knowledge that extra virgin olive oil reduces the risk of heart disease. But did you know that non-virgin olive oil is also heart healthy?

February is American Heart Month

Cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death in the USA and the NAOOA is proud to participate in the fight against heart disease and stroke.

NAOOA Celebrates American Heart Month with Announcement of American Heart Association’s Heart-Check Certification

Olive Oil Certifies for the American Heart Association® Heart-Check Mark

Olive Oil vs. Coconut Oil for your heart

Coconut oil is enjoying its moment of fame. Blog posts on the internet tout it as a magical cure-all but is coconut oil heart healthy?