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Olive oil for weight loss

What food is an excellent choice for your health and weight loss efforts?

Olive oil is a heart-healthy, nutrition-boosting, flavor-enhancing plant oil that shatters the myth that dietary fat is evil. The research is as clear as it can be that a major reason for southern Europeans’ low rate of heart disease is their use of olive oil as their main source of dietary fat. By adopting olive oil in the same way, you’ll get the same benefits. And because you’ll learn to enjoy olive oil in healthy amounts in place of the harmful fats you may be used to, you will lose weight. 

To appreciate olive oil as a Power Food, banish from your mind the notion that it’s the “least bad” fat. It is a heart-healthy food that is good for you. You need dietary fat to lose weight, but you need the right kind. Olive oil is one of the best. Choose extra-virgin olive oil and you’ll also enhance the flavor of your meals.

Matrix for Olive Oil Usage & Value

When choosing an olive oil or cooking oil, the most common factors to contemplate include flavor, healthfulness, usage occasion and cost.

NAOOA Certified Olive Oils

Heart-healthy benefits and superior flavors have made olive oil a staple in many U.S. kitchens. But as with any premium product, there is a potential for imposters to mingle with the real thing. However there is an easy way for consumers to identify olive oil that delivers the quality they expect.

Olive Oil Labels - Learn the Lingo

Olive oil labels may have terms like Cold Pressed, Premium, Pure, Monovarietal, Harvest Year – what does it all mean and what is most important? Choosing olive oil is easy once you know some common label terminology.

Recipe: Olive Oil Ice Cream with Grilled Pineapple

Spice up warm-weather desserts with this savory take on ice cream and fruit with a kick of sriracha! Experiment with extra virgin olive oils that have different flavor profiles to find what you like best.

5 of the Biggest Misconceptions about Olive Oil

Only 25% of all olive oil users in the USA feel very or extremely knowledgeable about olive oil. Here are some common misconceptions that we found in a study we conducted:

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Reasons to Love Olive Oil For Cooking

Americans love olive oil, yet a recent survey showed most users lack confidence in their knowledge about olive oils. One of the top persistent myths is that you can't or shouldn't cook with olive oil, but the fact is olive oil has more monounsaturated fat, the most stable of the healthy fats, than other oils.

Top reasons you can (and should) love olive oil for cooking: