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A Look at New Olive Oil Standards and Testing

Olive oil is a special product for many reasons - health, flavor and versatility to name just a few! To ensure consumers are getting authentic products, testing is a must for any company involved in the sale and distribution of olive oil. At the North American Olive Oil Association, we've been collecting samples off store shelves and from distributors for more than 25 years and testing them against a full battery of scientific laboratory tests as outlined in the global trade standards maintained by the International Olive Council. The good news is thousands of tests over the years confirm the majority of olive oils in North America are authentic quality olive oils. But it's unfortunate for consumers that exaggerated claims about olive oil fraud have gotten a lot of attention recently.

Recipe: Buffet of Grilled Chicken Thighs, Orzo Salad & Asparagus

Step up your backyard grilling menu with this easy buffet that will taste great hot - or not. Perfect for those drop-in get-togethers on a sunny afternoon!

Recipe: Grilled Peasant Bread with Jumbo Lump Crab Salad & Garlic Cheddar

We love the flavorful olive oil aioli used as a base for this jumbo lump crab salad. It makes a fun and tasty appetizer spread on grilled peasant bread and topped with a little lime and jalapeno for a kick!

How Restaurants Can Leverage EVOO in Menus & Recipes [video]

Did you know extra virgin olive oils can be as varied as wines? Chefs can explore different varieties of EVOO paired with different foods for great results. Then, advertise this special ingredient on the menu to create value and show attention to detail.