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Recipe: Grilled Flat Bread Pizza with Hidden Veggie Sauce

It’s hard to get some kids to eat their veggies, but nearly all kids love pizza. The hidden vegetable tomato sauce in this recipe packs eggplant, carrots, celery, onion, garlic and herbs into a rich pizza sauce that both kids and adults will eat up!

Recipe: Olive Oil Spice Cake with Strawberry Sauce

This scrumptious spice cake uses extra virgin olive oil for a rich depth of flavor, and the strawberry sauce is made with fresh strawberries and regular olive oil so that the Grand Marnier can really shine!

Tips for Choosing Which Type of Olive Oil to Use


Olive Oil Production by Country

Most people know that olive oil is mainly made in the Mediterranean region of the world, but many don’t realize that Spain is actually the largest producer, consistently making about 45% of the world’s olive oil in any given year – nearly half, and in some years more than half! Typically, Italy and Greece are the next two largest producing countries.

Common Olive Varietals by Country

There are countless varieties of olives grown throughout the world today and many different olive varieties are commonly used for producing olive oil. As with any agricultural item, the end product is greatly affected by a number of factors such as olive variety, growing conditions, harvesting methods, production methods and storage and distribution factors. 

Recipe: Orzo Cucumber Salad

A perfect blend of refreshing and tangy! Crisp cucumbers, bell pepper and green onion give a perfect crunch to this orzo salad, with a dash of dill and lemon to top it off. Mushrooms add a hearty flavor, or can be left out for a cleaner, crisp dish.


Myth – the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fridge Test

An often perpetuated myth related to olive oil is the “Fridge Test” - a supposedly simple home test for olive oil authenticity. The myth is so widespread that you may even see conflicting versions of the test – some say your oil should solidify if it’s real, and others say it should not solidify if it’s real. If only it were that easy! This “test” unfortunately, is completely false and misleading. Read on to see why even the rumor-mongers are confused on this one.

DIY: How to Taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil

While professional panels focus on detecting defects, the rest of us can focus on the fun part -appreciating the multitude of positive nuances in extra virgin olive oils!

Anyone can practice olive oil tasting, even a simple comparison at home or with a group of fellow EVOO-appreciators (like wine, group tasting gives you more variety at a lower out-of-pocket cost!) Groups can also help you learn more quickly, as easily-named flavors will be reinforced while some individuals will inevitably pick up notes others missed on the first pass.

Whether going solo or at a gathering, all you need are a few oils, a few tasting supplies and then follow the tips below or download a copy here: